If you regret your purchase within 14 days of purchase, you are welcome to return the purchase and get money back, if the package is unopened. You only pay for the shipping to our warehouse. Special orders, ie if the book is signed, you can not return the book. Ebooks are not returnable. Audiobooks can not be returned after purchase.

Do you currently live in a country we do not ship to? Contact Us! All prices include tax based on each country's rules. If you want to be a reseller for our books, all titles are in each country's database for books for resellers. For large orders, please contact us on our email.


Lange Forlag is an experienced family publisher with a passion for books and stories. We call ourselves an exclusive publisher where we have chosen to have a smaller amount of publishing titles per year, but with books with breadth and quality. Our vision is to publish books we are really passionate about and collaborate with authors in the long term. That is our great passion!

We really love books and history. We want everyone to have access to our published books and in all different forms. Do you want one of our titles in your local library? Ask them to order them for you and you can read them at home in peace and quiet for free. Do you want to write a review of one of our titles? Contact us and tell us more. Whatever you are thinking about, be sure to contact us and we will discuss the matter!

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We offer all You need to become an author.

Our Passion is languages, adventures, history, books, and stories. We help others become Authors. Our Promise is that we are here for you. Let's write together and make dreams come true.

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        August 20, 2020

Book release: Pensionat Solvändan, Mattias Kvick

        September 22, 2020

Book release: Nästan Friends, Daniel Sjöberg

        October 2020

Book release: I vasatidens skugga, Magnus Rörström Pellgaard

         November 23, 2020

Book release: Simons äventyr, Christina Henricson

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