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Something of a multi-occupant, with a focus on artwork and art, might describe me best. I have always drawn and painted, and for several years I have now run my own company as a freelance cartoonist and troubadour. For several years now, every two weeks, I draw a news picture for Alingsås Tidning under the heading Kvicktänkta Nyhetsbilder. http://www.mattiaskvick.n.nu/

I have never reached any real writer's dreams, but the writing came to me about twenty years ago when I was saddened to draw. Without really having any intention of it, I started writing instead, mostly to do nothing at all. However, I soon discovered the fun of creating something without drawing - creating with words. My interest in writing grew parallel to my resume of my drawing. And since then, my writing has finally felt as important as my artwork.

A number of years ago, I realized that some of my texts, unlike before, seemed to be finished. And a finished text, as you know, wants to be read. And somewhere here, the idea was to try to get some text published so that others could read it. After a number of years and trying different scripts for different publishers, I finally got a snap at Lange publishing company with my script Pensionat Solvändan, which thus becomes my debut book as an author / illustrator. However, I have participated in a few books before, among other things I usually wave to a stone with text by Karin Askerin (Idus publisher, 2016), but only as an illustrator.


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