Lets be Partners! 

Lange Forlag is a smaller but very experienced publisher house. Our big passion for books, stories and to help others, if it is to become an author or to publish books that make people grow, is very important to us. 

We work with a lot of partners, often smaller business as our self, but also with bigger business and associations. You can be our partner too! All you need to do is to write a letter to us and tell us about your idea or business. Maybe you have a skill that we can use! 

We want to build bridges between people and we are very glad to help others and their talent.

You can also donate to us so we can run our business as economical as possible. If you be our contributor, you get every copy of our published books and you are also invited to join us on events, etc. And your name (if you want) is here on the webpage.

Every partnership is unique so feel free to write to us and we discuss what is best for you!

Here are our partners!


We offer all You need to become an author.

Our Passion is languages, adventures, history, books, and stories. We help others become Authors. Our Promise is that we are here for you. Let's write together and make dreams come true.

Upcoming  Events

August 20, 2020

Book release: Pensionat Solvändan, Mattias Kvick

September 22, 2020

Book release: Nästan Friends, Daniel Sjöberg

October 2020

Book release: I vasatidens skugga, Magnus Rörström Pellgaard

November 2020

Book release: Simons äventyr, Christina Henricson


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