Det började med barnet

It began with the Child

It began with the Child, by Ethel Hedström

May 2019


Printed book; 9788793779068

E-Book; 9788793779075

Audiobook: None yet

Language: Swedish

324 pages



"I have a baby in my belly. It's yours. "
"How do you know that?"
"I know," says Karolina.
In December 1923, she was forced to give birth to a son alone. The devil of the father to the child.

So begins the story of Karolina, Edith, and Karin. Three women from three different generations who are all victims of their time views on women. Karolina is only 16 when she puts Per-Olof into the world in a village in the interior of Västmanland. At a time when children out of wedlock are not accepted but are called fathers. She thirsts for love and tenderness, but life is most often characterized by emotional cooling and work. Karolina's fate puts imprints on generations to come. Many years later Edith meets Per-Olof in Stockholm. They get a summer full of passion together and a few years later the daughter Karin is born. As a father, he is authoritarian and a relentless and demanding husband of Edith. He is a careerist, has unwavering ambitions, but meets an early and violent death. Karin is during her childhood a lost and insecure soul. Love in her teens becomes demanding and she feels cowardly and unaware. Just before Per-Olof's death, Edith receives a letter from an unknown person. In it, a secret, a deep and painful betrayal that reveals both Edith's and teenage daughter Karin's life forever is exposed.

Book review and press

A journey back in time

5 stars

Zeinat, July 4, 2019

Read the entire book in two days. I think it's a great story where the writer successfully manages to portray three different eras. I think many readers can find parts of the story that they recognize themselves in. It is both entertaining but at the same time sad and takes up many thoughtful topics current then as now. One plus at the edge was the nice front of the book and the title that makes you extra curious.

“I enjoy the words and will read the book slowly. It's like candy so I only allow it in the evening. "


June 24, 2019

“A nice book. I wanted stretch reading but had to take breaks sometimes. Not that it was dizzying but emotionally exciting. Looking forward to the next book! ”


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