Jonas Appelgren

Jonas Appelgren, a genuine "Malmöpåg" (Citizen of Malmö) who lives together with his wife Marie and their youngest daughter Melinda in Veberöd on the doorstep to Österlen and fantastic Romeleåsen. Jonas is among others a trained Hyposynthesis therapist, Mental Trainer, Conversational therapist, crisis manager in three levels and instructor in conflict management with communication and self-protection at the police academy in Stockholm. The interest in personal development and studies was awakened from their slumber about five years ago after his entire life was turned upside down in a series of personal tragedies, right now he is studying the second year of two to “Soul Coach”. Throughout his adult life, Jonas has worked in leading positions within various organizations such as the school environment, the security industry and personal protection as an armed bodyguard in different contexts. Jonas is also a Swedish champion in heavyweight boxing with several national matches and has a black belt in kickboxing. The writing and especially his philosophical thoughts have not gained enough space in his life until now when he has celebrated his 49th birthday and debuted with his strong autobiographical novel “Livet är en lek – på blodigt allvar”, roughly “Life is a game – but bloody serious” at Lange Forlag.

His books:

Life is just a game - but bloody serious (2019)

Göran Brohammer

Göran Brohammer, 62 years old. He lives his life in Gothenburg, West Sweden. Married and has three daughters, currently 3 grandchildren. Loves nature in all its forms. Aesthetically minded and was good at painting and drawing early on, and also wrote some. Won, among others, a poetry contest as a child. But life took a different path, and after a civil engineer education in machinery and energy, the choice was within the Swedish industry. After 10 years of such focus, he then slipped over into the environmental area and was active in the area of ​​life-cycle analyses and environmental audits. After another 10 years, the career choice slipped into the area of ​​social responsibility and there he is still active today, even though he has partly started to take out his pension. Göran has written a few books before within the subject area environment.

As a consultant in the field of environment and social responsibility, he has traveled around the world for many years. The literary writing that has just begun fetches its inspiration in technology, nature, and the environment, humanism and spirituality and the interaction between them.

His books: Världen vill inte bli räddad (2019)

Karl Johansson

I have worked almost 24 years within its graphics industry (in a bookbinding company) and in recent years I have worked in healthcare. As for my writing, I have been on for a number of years and previously been published with shorter prose texts and short stories in various journals. This will be my first novel script published by a publisher.

His books:

Hämnaren i Limbo (2019)

Leif Eriksson

Leif Eriksson was born and raised in Strängnäs, Sweden, but has long lived in Norway. In 2009 he released the novel “Peugeot Overdrive” and in 2011 “Jag, en punktmarkerare”. “S.K.U.N.K.” is his third novel.

His books:

S.K.U.N.K. (2019)

Bijan Farhanieh & Marita Karlsson

Bijan Farhanieh & Marita Karlsson have together written some novels in Swedish.

Bijan started writing when he was 15 years old. For the past ten years, he has spent more and more time on the writing. He has written 70 novels and has three published fiction books.

Their books:

The Bride (“Galin” in Persian) published by Behnami publication.

Marals Eyes (in Persian) published by Koleposhti  publication.


Physics of turbulence (Sharif Press)

Dynamics of heat fluxes (Sharif Press)

Viscous flows (Gilan Press)

Minnenas Sång (2018)

Charlotte Hector

Charlotte Hector, 30 years old.

She lives in Högdalen and has worked for 11 years at a preschool in Kärrtorp.

Since childhood, she had a great interest in writing and creation. “Upp och Ner” first came out as an e-book in May 2018 at Lange Forlag and was well received by the readers. A printed version will be available in both Swedish and English.

Ethel Hedström

In the autumn of 2014, Ethel stopped working in the business world and finally got the opportunity to write fiction full-time. Ethel has published short stories at other publishers and in weekly magazines. In addition to short stories, she writes fiction texts that she publishes on her blog and occasionally her chronicles are published on a cultural site. Currently, it is a planned trilogy, three novels about relationships, that engage Ethel most. The social game between people is something that interests her a lot. She often thinks about how and why we behave as we do to each other. Why we fight for empowerment, everyone’s right to freedom and their own life choices. Why we never give up, but continue to struggle, albeit in a strong headwind.

Christina Henricson

Emil Karlsson

Emil Karlsson is the author of the fantasy book, “Adam Stormstjärna and the lost legacy”. It was released on Lange Forlag 2016 and is part 1 of 3. Part 2 will soon be released.

The book is about Adam Stormstjärna and his brother Björn who lose their mother and move home to their grandmother on Öland. There they become friends with a curious and tough girl named Alva. Adam thinks everything is as it should and tries to adapt to his new life in a new school in a new city. But soon it will be revealed that nothing is as he believed and that behind the family’s calm and ordinary surface, unbelievable secrets were hiding. And everything begins with the fact that he inherits a box from his mother. He is then thrown into a big and dangerous adventure.

Mattias Kvick

Something of a multi-occupant, with a focus on artwork and art, might describe me best. I have always drawn and painted, and for several years I have now run my own company as a freelance cartoonist and troubadour. For several years now, every two weeks, I draw a news picture for Alingsås Tidning under the heading Kvicktänkta Nyhetsbilder.

I have never reached any real writer's dreams, but the writing came to me about twenty years ago when I was saddened to draw. Without really having any intention of it, I started writing instead, mostly to do nothing at all. However, I soon discovered the fun of creating something without drawing - creating with words. My interest in writing grew parallel to my resume of my drawing. And since then, my writing has finally felt as important as my artwork.

A number of years ago, I realized that some of my texts, unlike before, seemed to be finished. And a finished text, as you know, wants to be read. And somewhere here, the idea was to try to get some text published so that others could read it. After a number of years and trying different scripts for different publishers, I finally got a snap at Lange publishing company with my script Pensionat Solvändan, which thus becomes my debut book as an author / illustrator. However, I have participated in a few books before, among other things I usually wave to a stone with text by Karin Askerin (Idus publisher, 2016), but only as an illustrator.

PC Nilsson

Camilla was born into a dysfunctional family in the early 1970s Värmland, a time when mental illness, self-medication, and abuse was spoken very quietly about. However, I was lucky to end up in a class with nice classmates and highly competent educators. The other parents did what they could to help me and my brother. We went along to different summer cottages and other vacations so that we would not spend the entire summer vacation in our apartment in the small community. We learned early on to take the bike to bathing places and to play in the woods with all the freedom it entails. I am what you call a dandelion child. I have always searched for good people and borrowed security, from a friend’s dad’s arm or been taught crochet by someone else’s mother. That has continued into my adult life.

She has worked in healthcare, as an educator with children and young people and always had a desire to help others with difficulties in different ways. I have experienced close up what stress does to people. Both to others and myself.

Through my private and professional experience, I have now linked them to entrepreneurship that promotes recovery and the path to holistic health. I have a salutogenic approach where I clearly see how both the psychological and physical effects, but also how important the environment in which you live and work is. If you are in a place where you do not feel comfortable, then you will eventually get sick in one way or another.

I am very much addressed by evidence-based research while using my highly developed intuition when I work. To me, there is only one way to achieve happiness, health, and well-being and that is through your own heart.

It has become obvious for me to sort, compost and recycle. For many years now, I’ve eaten locally produced and organic as much as possible, exercised regularly and to thought kindly about myself. I also know how it is like do not do all these things, and that you can’t start doing all of them at once. I have an optimistic view of humanity and am convinced that the good always wins, sooner or later, but we must take care of our planet and we must do that now. One step at a time, through love for oneself, others and everything that lives and grows.

Oskar Romell

Oskar Romell was born and raised in Stockholm. For some time now, he’s been living in Maputo, Mozambique. He is working as a Branch manager and project manager at a company that builds power lines in Africa.

He started writing at an early age, mostly articles and chronicles on various football pages. With a burning interest in horror films and literature combined with the view that the market lacks a quick and intense horror novel, the ideas for a book began to emerge.

The debut novel “Die as I died”/”Dö som jag dog” is a fiction horror story told at a high pace. With classic horror as a foundation and a modern intensity, the goal is to make the reader constantly alert and induce shivering throughout the body. The book will be released at Lange Forlag in November 2019.

Bengt Rålin

Bengt Rålin, for almost 40 years, he has his career in ambulance care. He has often met with these vulnerable women in his work. At each occasion, he feels the same frustration, hopelessness and often anger when he met these often abused and depressed women, who are in the most diverse environments. These women you meet as much on the finest of villas, as in smaller status areas. These women’s hopeless calls for help usually look the same way. But the calls are rarely seen by neighbors, friends or even close relatives.

He has been married for forty years and has three wonderful daughters together. Four grandchildren, all girls. Perhaps this is the reason his feelings are so obvious and direct when he meets these devastated women. But we all need to react. All of us should dare to see. Everyone should dare to get involved when these suspicions become obvious and clear. The reaction from the surroundings must come before the woman’s name is mentioned, in the newsletter or on the internet.

Magnus Rörström-Pellgaard

Magnus Rörström Pellgaard, born 1969, grew up in Västerås but has lived in Falun in Dalarna for more than 25 years.

For 20 years, he worked as a teacher and has since worked as a lecturer, regular administrator, and administrator in adult education.

Writing has always been central in his life, to tell a story and to give it life.

Daniel Sjöberg

Daniel Sjöberg, born in February 1973, grew up in Tyresö, outside Stockholm. He now lives in Bromma, west of Stockholm, with his wife Susannah and their four-year-old son Ellis. The writing has always been there and naturally also became a profession. As a journalist, Daniel has worked for several of the major newspapers, such as Dagens Nyheter, Aftonbladet, and Svenska Dagbladet. Writing books has come and gone, but in connection with the parental leave from the assignment as a football examiner at Expressen, it gained traction for the first time. For ten months, during the hours the son enjoyed sleeping dinner, Daniel was at the computer, writing.

One and a half script was completed before it was time to return to work, but by that time the book dream was impossible to put aside and writing continued.

The third script, just as many years old, became the story that got the name Nästan Friends, which is getting published at Lange Forlag 2020. With this message, Daniel has begun his fourth script, his first thriller.

When Daniel isn’t writing or working, the family instead gets the attention. Well, sometimes a football game.

Harriette Sjödahl

Harriette Sjödahl, born and raised in Skövde, now lives in Stockholm and previously rewarded the Västra Götaland region’s literature prize, takes the reader with her into the sparkling nights of the Sahara, the Roman amphitheater in El Djem, Las Palmas rough quarters and the winding souk in Marrakech …

This is a book that grabs the reader, a melancholy adventure, told with refined crispness.

Julia Thimberg Silfwerling

Julia Thimberg Silfwerling, born and raised in Floda outside Gothenburg. Culture, literature, and nature have always taken up a large part of her life, which has meant that she has spent much time abroad in recent years and lived occasionally in both the USA, Spain and Costa Rica. She is currently living in London where she studies journalism.

Hillevi Söder

Hillevi Söder born in 1961, grew up in a large family in Hedesunda in Gästrikland. During her youth, she trained jiu-jitsu and also learned transcendental meditation. After high school, she moved to Stockholm to more easily find jobs and be able to develop her training. There she met the man she married and they had 3 children together. In 1995, when the children were still small, the couple separated. The eldest son reacted negatively to the divorce and Hillevi tried to find help for him and came in contact with Reiki healing. It helped the son and she became curious, educated herself to Reiki master and also underwent training in medicine at the basic level.

Interest in alternative health and crisis assistance grew, and she has attended several courses and educations in health and spirituality. She is now also a trained medium and life coach. In 2013 she started “Oasen för alla”, in English “The Oasis for all”, where she offers people in crisis an opportunity for retreat, hosts courses in stress management and medial development, provides coaching, relaxation massage, and medial guidance.

When the youngest son Daniel, took his life in 2010, she wrote to get through the days and dispel the thoughts. This resulted in the book “Utan Dig”, English “Without You”. The book is available as an e-book and printed book.

Arne Wester

Arne Wester.

Uppvuxen i Åmål men lever  i Kungälv norr om Göteborg med familj och gårdshunden Wille. 

Började skriva i tonåren då han startade punkband och texter om orättvisor och sneda ting i samhället ville ut.

Noveller ligger honom varmt om hjärtat och 2018 fick han sin novell ”Svärdet I Stenen” publicerad i kommunalarbetarens novellbok ”Det Här Får De Inte På Banken”.

Aktuell med bland annat en novell som heter Vid En Väg som kommer ut hos Lange Forlag inom kort.

Lars-Gunnar Winsa

Lars-Gunnar has a motley background; born and raised in Kainulasjärvi in ​​Pajala municipality with different careers such as builder of power plants, miner, forest worker, garden grower, assistant in abusive care, etc. Social education as an adult in Umeå and since 1986 various social work, since 1991 in supervisory positions. With his background, his great interest in social work has been to coordinate society’s efforts for marginalized people. This is why he has led various local community projects with the aim of including people with exclusion problems.

His social work as a manager has been recognized by the fact that he was awarded the MR-Prize in 2014 by the association Vision “the employer who in an exemplary manner has worked with human rights and carried out conscious active measures to promote diversity and integration and counteract discrimination in the workplace“.

Since 2017 he is a pensioner and activates himself with for example gardening, house improvements, reading, and writing. Currently working on a collection of short stories about different life stories in Tornedalen and has begun a short story about the Finno-Ugrian peoples at the Cap of the North during the Iron Age.

He is the Author of "Intill 3:e & 4:e led"



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