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    Don't hesitate to contact us regarding Your own OPA spot. The spots are exclusive and limited. It only costs 500DKK per month! Or sign up for a whole year straight away, and pay for only 10 months, 5000DKK. Save up to 1000DKK!

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    Pen for everything

    The Gold Pen is a package that includes: Reading, Repair, Rewrite, Editing, Feedback, Mentoring, Ghost Pen & Proofreading.

    The Manuscript will be worked on in detail and scrutinized from top to bottom.

    The Gold Pen involves everything to make the manuscript ready for evolving into a book. The intended result is that all the manuscripts undergoing The Gold Pen will be most elaborate and professional.

    We only offer a limited amount of manuscripts in our slots per reading period. So the Gold Pens slots can therefore be filled very quickly. We have a queue system, though, so don't worry.

    The fee for the Gold Pen cannot be refundable when accepted by the author.


    Let us write

    The Ghost Pen is an offer we have for those scripts that don’t exist yet. If you have an idea or desire to make a book or a memoir, but don't want to write it yourself and need professional help, we can help you for sure.

    It will be done with interviews and close contact with you all through the project. The book, memoir, or whatever you want to write, is yours after the project but written by a professional writer. Co-writing is also an option.

    The easiest way to find out more about The Ghost Pen is to contact us, as different projects will have different solutions.


    “Te supervenisse!” – “You have arrived!”

    Why look further for someone who can realize Your dream, when we at Lange Forlag can do it!

    Lange Forlag is a completely independent International publishing house receiving and works with manuscripts in Swedish, English, and Danish.

    We can offer everything regarding book production! We call ourselves an exclusive publisher and have chosen to have a small volume of publishing per year, focusing on high-quality, stories and writers we are passionate about, with the goal of achieving long-term partnerships. Our hope is that once you receive a contract with us, you will have a desire to write more and stay with us. We focus on having close, open contacts with all our authors, which we see each as equally important, and we are happy to spend time and commitment to You. We believe that everyone has a story within, which is worth listening to. Everyone has something to bring to the world. Fiction as non-fiction! With our help and close cooperation between us, Your dream can also be realized! That’s what we’re passionate about!

    We offer different services and arrange courses focusing on the publication of scripts. You can also hire us for external services.

    We publish books that matter and live forever.

    Manuscripts are only received by email

    Our Story and Vision

    2013 - Linda Svendsen started the family-owned publishing house in Autumn 2013, with only her self managing everything. The name Lange Forlag was created as an inspiration from our legacy, where our ancestor has been located since the year 900 and with Gorm den Gamle as one of the first in line. Gorm, and Thyra Danebod, and their son Harald Blåtand are our family in a direct line. Lange is from our family's side and the logo is from our family shield.

    2015 - Lange traveled and lived in France, Spain, Portugal, and Denmark and successfully ran the publishing business. The business grew and new ideas were processed and one person became two when Ted joined the business. Ted is Linda's son.   

    2017 - after living and running a business on the road for almost 2 years, we decide to settle down, to have a headquarter for the business, in Denmark.

    2018 - We bought our own farm. It is located in a peaceful nature that we currently are renovating. Our plans are big and our patience is bigger. The farm is just a short trip outside the popular and busy city, Frederikshavn, Denmark with a connection to both Sweden, Norway, and Europe. This is a good spot to run an international business.

    2020 - We started our own printing house, Lange Print, so we have everything under one roof.

    2021 - We are focusing to produce audiobooks and translate all of our titles. We got a new machine for Lange Print.


    We are members at Dansk Forlag


    We offer all You need to become an author.

    Our Passion is languages, adventures, history, books, and stories. We help others become Authors. Our Promise is that we are here for you. Let's write together and make dreams come true.

    Upcoming  Events

            SPRING/SUMMER, 2021

    Book release: Den magiska stenen, Åsa Uddh

            SPRING/SUMMER, 2021

    Book release: Upper Class, Catarina af Sandeberg


            SPRING/SUMMER, 2021

    Book release: Världens öde, vårt val, Göran Brohammer

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